Materials – Hanji(Traditional Korean paper), Steel, LED Lamp
Dimensions – Ø280 x H270(mm)


The mission of this project is to design a contemporary object using traditional Korean paper named hanji.
Through KCDF(Korea Craft & Design Foundation), I had the opportunity to visit several workshops from Jeonju, which is one of Korea’s hanji producing areas. I’m interested in the texture of the hanji throughout workshops.
After the workshops, I found the pattern which is made by overlapping hanji while trying various ideas with drawings and prototypes. It was first idea. I made several prototypes based on the first idea. when a light shines on it, it looks like a tightly woven fabric in harmony with the texture of the hanji.
Developing the idea, I had to interpret the hand-made pattern of the hanji industrially for efficient production. I decided to use the offset printing technology. It enabled me to design a pattern delicately and variously. These patterns are related to light. I decided to apply it to lighting product.

Woven Lamp

Woven Lamp has two patterns. When the lamp is on, horizontal and vertical pattern intersect. It makes the tight pattern and is in harmony with the texture of the hanji. It gives the soft and the warm feeling.
The texture of the hanji looks like a tightly woven fabric. Like a textile designer does with the design of a pattern, I valued the harmony of the hanji’s texture and the printed pattern.

Shop – Hansoo  Seoulbund