Ore paperweight
Materials – Aluminium, Traditional Korean lacquer
Dimensions – W59 x D81 x H14(mm)

Yongmaru stool
Materials – Sepetir, Traditional Korean lacquer
Dimensions – W370 x D300 x H420(mm)

I was selected in the competition of the KTCC (Korea Traditional Culture Center) for designing an object using the traditional materials. While researching the traditional materials, I met Namgwon Lyu, traditional Korean lacquer craftsman at the first workshop. He invited me to his workshop in Namwon, where I was interested in the color and gloss of the lacquerware.

After visiting his workshop, I decided to produce the stool and paperweight coated in the traditional Korean lacquer.
Whereas I needed to differentiate the lacquer from the other finishing materials, I concentrated on the gloss of the lacquer.

Ore is the small paperweight that delicately expresses the gloss of the lacquer. I made the shape by hand for the surface which reflects the light and produced modeling, 3d print, aluminum casting in order based on it. It creates a silent and magnificent atmosphere on the table or paper. The surface of Yongmaru coated in the lacquer glows when a light shines on it. It creates a subtle and magnificent atmosphere.