Mist lamp
Materials – Lycra, Aluminium, LED panel
Dimensions – Ø260 x H230(mm)

Mist vase
Materials – Lycra, Stainless steel, Ash wood
Dimensions – W78 x D130 x H109(mm) / W78 x D161 x H134(mm)

Collaboration with Seungyeon Shim

We found overlapping Lycra to be aesthetically interesting. This leads us to draw up some new narrowed down visual language of this aesthetics. That’s how we started the idea for Mist lamp and vase.

Mist lamp

Mist Lamp is composed of three parts ; Aluminum shade, ring, Lycra.
In order to emphasize the overlapping of Lycra sheets, we hid a LED panel inside the aluminum shade. This makes the lamp emit bright light and emphasizes our visual language.
Aluminum ring pulls down the Lycra sheet by gravity which makes a natural look to it’s shape.
Mist Lamp has two types of light, focusing light on a particular person, and also emitting a light ray of brightness to the space.

Mist vase

It is a vase for dried flowers. It’s design allows the fabrics to be replaced easily.
We tried to carefully observe lycra’s stretchable property and tried to capture the desirable structure for us.
We focused on the structure to be holding simplicity, thus using only one pole of bent stainless steel to hold the form of lycra.
A wooden cap balances and combines the form created with lycra and stainless steel. CNC processing, allows the wooden cap to work firmly as a joint just like a part in electronic products.